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The basic focus of the Publishing House Annales ZRS Koper is interdisciplinary work, comparative and intercultural studies and orientation in the multicultural area, the Mediterranean region, as well as European area.

It issues a wide range of scientific monographs and journals in various scientific areas, especially history, sociology, ethnic studies, linguistics and literature, geography, archaeology, cultural heritage, philosophy, art history, kinesiology, pedagogy, Mediterranean agriculture and olive growing as well as biodiversity.

Annales Kinesiologiae

Dear readers,

all the contents and the entire editorial workflow of the journal Annales Kinesiologiae was upgraded to a new version of OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEM and moved to the new domain

We invite you to join us at our new site.

The entire production of the journal Annales Kinesiologiae is now running on the new site. The archive will be available at previous site for some time.



ISSN (print) 2232-2620              ISSN (online) 2335-4240



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